Krad coat horse leather dark brown

The functionality of a military coat crafted in the finest horse leather characterises the dominant appearance of this imposing garment. Worn almost floor-length, slightly waisted and without horizontal seams, this exclusive steampunk coat guarantees attention. The leather loops on the leg skirts protect the wearer from rain when biking or riding. Here with buttons made of American silver dollars from the 20s. The large double lapels with the many piped buttonholes can be buttoned over each other to make them windproof.

  • Italian horse leather, colour dark brown
  • Collar tabs
  • 4 inside pockets: 2 vertically in the lapel, 2 horizontally   
  • 1 non-visible zipped pocket in the sleeve flap
  • 4 sleeve buttons each
  • Double lapel buttonable one above the other
  • Cotton lining
  • Leather loops for legs
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