Casual hat made from soft, permeable deer skin.

Classical peaked cap with a lot of volume in the look of the sixties.
Exclusive pipes, silk lining, adjustable width,
various peak lengths possible.
In this photo you see our Balloon Cap in cowhide nubuk 0.8mm,
colour-combination deer-chocolate.

This is the ideal headgear for all cabriolet drivers:
Small peak, turn up neck and ear protection, push buttons.
In this photo you see our Driver's Cap in Merino lamb fur.

The original Siemens pilot's cap was our model when
we created our Pilot's Cap in memory of the flying pioneers:
Fixing for goggles, elastic neck, buckles.
In this photo you see our Pilot's Cap in cowhide nubuk,
colour combination cognac-chocolate.

Goggles: Nannini Cruiser

Classical Cabriolet Cap with deep neck protection
available with or without peak.
Photo: Cabriolet Cap with peak.
Cowhide 1.0 mm, cognac-coloured.