This Janker is a representative and uncomplicated jacket,
without frills, traditionally cut.
In this picture it is made of deer skin chamois tanned 2.5 mm,
colour: gold
Back without any dividing seam, pipes all around,
Two inside pockets, staghorn buttons, linen lining.

Our Classic Jacket, nice and timeless,
fascinates by its simplicity.
Convincing: Comfortable cut, fine material, careful fabrication.
Deer skin chamois tanned 1.5 mm, light earth-coloured.
Back without any dividing seam.
Two inside pockets,
brown buffalo horn buttons, linen lining.

This Coachman's Jacket, traditionally double breasted with
big collar and lapel has been well-known in uncounted variations
since the twenties.
Cowhide nappa 1.2 mm, chocolate-coloured,
collar-bar, tie-belt.
Two inserted pockets with flaps, two thrust-in-pockets, two inside pockets.
Black buffalo horn buttons.

Our Driver's Jacket is the ideal companion for bikers
and automobilists: tight-fitting according to the traditional cut
of the fifties and absolutely airtight by generous front overlapping.
Cowhide nappa, cognac-coloured, 1.2 mm piped.
One breast pocket with zipper, two inside pockets.
Collar-closure, half-belt, elastic waist, sleeve end width
variable by zipper.

A 2, the legendary pilot's jacket of the American air force.
It is the classical model among all leather jackets
and available in various leather qualities.
In this picture it is made of cowhide nappa
1.2 mm, cognac-coloured.
Two front patch pockets with additional thrust-in-pockets.

This so-called Race Jacket arrived on the scene with the
victory of the motorized bicycle in the twenties.
With its short und tight cut it offers optimal protection
against any draught.
In this picture you see it in elk leather 0.8 mm,
cognac-coloured, pipes coffee-coloured.
Four exterior zipper pockets, two inside pockets,
elastic waist,
sleeve end width variable by zipper.

Plaited shoulder pieces gave this typical motorbike jacket
of the fifties its special appearance.
Cowhide nappa, 1.2 mm, cognac-coloured,
pipes chocolate-coloured.
Four outside pockets with zipper,
one inside pocket on the sleeve, two inside pockets.
Half-belt, elastic waist.
Shoulder, elbow und body parts backstitched.

Very exclusively fabricated functional jacket,
three-quarter length.
Thanks to its removable lambskin waistcoat
and its separately detachable lambskin collar you are
prepared for any weather!
Four bellow patch pockets, two thrust-in-pockets,
two inside pockets.
Backstitched shoulders, elastic waist and waistband.
Cotton lining.
Cowhide nappa 1.0mm, nut/chocolate-coloured.

This is the leather jacket with the ultimate charisma - a real
heavyweight with its 4 mm grain deer skin!
Detachable lambskin collar, collar-closure,
two inside pockets, linen lining, buffalo horn buttons.

This jacket made from beige-black 0.8 mm thick calf skin-fur
is a real eye-catcher:
Short, stylish, tight-fitting.
Two outside pockets, two inside pockets.

Tight-fitting Lady's Jacket with sportive and elegant character.
In this picture you see it in smooth,
extremely light soft nubuk leather 0.6 mm, colour: black.
Exclusive pipes made of black nappa.
Two inside pockets,
black horn buttons, black silk lining.